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Friday, July 19, 2019 - Bitcoin SV (BSV) "Quasar" protocol upgrade continues massive blockchain scaling, lifting default block cap to 2GB - Bitcoin SV (BSV) "Quasar" protocol upgrade continues massive blockchain scaling, lifting default block cap to 2GB


  1. We present Orionix, a comission-free games and items exchange platform along with ORX token that covers operational costs by minting its own native currency.
    The project aims to facilitate communication, exchange and security between players. Gamers from around the world can use the ORX platform and trade their new or used games, but also items, skins and accounts for ORX tokens.
    Our team has spent years evaluating the experience of players and their needs in the gaming market and infrastructure. This expertise allows us to present a project that connects people using the power of the blockhain.

    What is Orionix and How Does it Work:

    Private Sale start July, 24-31, 2019
    In order to participate in the Private Sale, contributors have to send email request and wait for approval
    Minimum amount of contributor is 5,000$. Accepted currencies Ethereum, Bitcoin.

    Public Main Sale ICO start on August 1st, 2019
    Register to buy tokens:

    * Name: `Orionix`
    * Symbol: `ORX`
    * Initial Supply: `600.000.000`
    * Tokens for sale `420.000.000`
    * The base rate is 1 ETH = 2941 ORX tokens

    Bonus program. Only first buyers will receive 40% Bonus.
    Orionix contract is designed to work with 7 tranches of 52.5m tokens and the bonus will decrease every time accordingly:
    * 1st: 52.500.000 at 40% bonus
    * 2nd: 52.500.000 at 35% bonus
    * 3rd: 52.500.000 at 30% bonus
    * 4th: 52.500.000 at 20% bonus
    * 5th: 52.500.000 at 10% bonus
    * 6th: 52.500.000 at 5% bonus
    * 7th: 31.500.000 at 0% bonus

    * Total 420.000.000 Tokens for sale.

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    a crypto trading bot. You could either utilise a
    manual or auto mode. Cryptocurrency trading bots
    like Bittrex Bot could be totally a convenient tool
    for traders; however, when utilised correctly. They
    provide various key advantages like removing the
    emotion of trading and interacting with the market

    1. ManualMode
    Bittrex Bot is a perfect place for individuals who
    prefer traditional trading. Traders can install the
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    2. AutoMode
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  5. The Universal Crypto Investment Fund is a cryptocurrency decentralized application (Dapp.) It was designed to provide a basic universal income opportunity via the Universal Crypto Investment Fund (UCIF coin), which does not require a large sum of money from investors. Therefore, the "average" working person is afforded with an attainable method to increase their financial capacity.

    Anyone who wishes to participate, may do so by first navigating to the Dapp website, while using the Chrome browser with the TronLink Chrome Extension running. Next, the individual may purchase the UCIF coins during the ICO with the Tron (TRX) token in their TronLink wallet, at a price of 1 TRX per UCIF coin. Then, the individual may deposit the coins onto the platform, in order to stake the coins and begin earning dividends. A commission is also generated for the individual who referred the participant. When the UCIF coins are staked, the individual will begin earning UCIF dividends at a rate of 1% every 24 hours. When a stake is made, the coins will be distributed as follows:
    1% will go to the Dividend Pool
    1% will go to the Referral
    1% will go to Marketing
    1% will go to Development
    96% will go to the Staked Coins

    The staked UCIF coins can be withdrawn at any time, and the dividends can be withdrawn as soon as the accumulation of 1 UCIF. All dividend payments will come from the Dividend Pool.

    There will be limit of 400,000,000 UCIF coins ever created. 200,000,000 will go to the Dividend Pool, 100,000,000 will be on sale for 1 TRX each during the ICO, and 100,000,000 will be held in reserves. The ICO period will run for 90 days, or until all the UCIF coins are sold. All unsold coins will go to the Dividend Pool. Concluding the ICO, the coins can be traded on a decentralized exchange.
    This Smart HYIP ROI Dapp essentially allows the participants to stake TRX and earn dividends and generate referral commissions without having to trade or gamble.

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    The CryptoDollar. CryptoDollar fixed on the rate 1 CRYDO to 1 USD.
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  18. VMC COIN Just Entered the World AI Blockchain
    Virtual Mind Chain can function as the 'brain' of your devices, as an intelligent copilot for software, and of course as your Personal Personal Assistant in your personal and professional life.

  19. TUNE Token a blockchain project with support from world-renowned artists, is stirring
    interest in the music industry. TUNE Token technology is integrated into the app, Cre8tor
    (formerly RecordGram), which is available for download in Apple App and Google Play
    stores. Users can download a beat, create their own song or video content, and then share
    their content to the existing Cre8tor community. Payments can be made conveniently
    through the users’ local currency, opening the service to a global audience.
    Tune Software (Tune) is a software development company utilizing blockchain technology,
    smart contracts and digital tokens to create innovative mobile apps. Tune’s primary mission
    is resolving issues related to digital songwriter rights and royalty payments within the music
    Furthermore, within Tune’s tokenized, democratized ecosystem, users can send tips to their
    favorite content creators, thereby incentivizing users to create their own content. The
    platform fosters creativity, content development and content sharing.
    Tune is under a licensing agreement with TechCrunch Disrupt Cup winner Recordgram, the
    developers of the Cre8tor app. Cre8tor was internationally recognized with 35 awards and
    has 100,000 registered users and 40,000 active daily users.
    Notably, Tune’s advisors include Billboard charting, Grammy winning artists like and
    Individuals may acquire TUNE Tokens through Bithumb Global’s Staging Season 3, with
    details to be disclosed on August 10th at Bithumb Global

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  21. The new revolutionary blockchain based platform CBUY start its own ICO and brings a new wave into the crypto future. Some people say it is the next generation ebay. The big difference to other platforms is, that cbuy offers 7 income streams on the platform with the help of smart contracts. Earn Cryptocurrency in the process and more. It is a social media selling platform which the community is fully integrated.
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  22. ThanosX is a new privacy utility token built on the etherium network. It will be used for any transaction globally.
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  23. The startup behind the crypto-denominated game of skill, chance, and social engineering – Bitkul – announced that players will be able to spend bitcoin to play the game.
    From 200 early-stage users, Bitkul has grown to more than 7,000 registered players.
    The game initially allowed users to bet whether bitcoin’s will rise or fall within short time.
    Now, players will be able to bet the far more cryptocurrencies like Ethereum,litecoin ,Bitcoin Cash ect.
    “As professional Game maker, we want to create a platform that mimicked the high-energy experience in the pits of the largest global derivatives exchanges,” said co-founder Jan Schneider.
    Additionally, according to a statement, the company plans on expanding the number of bonuses and rewards on offer, which will be a boon to users.
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  30. Elxis is a team specialized in the field of renewable energy resources, and has as its main goal to create an alternative energy resource that can fuel our everyday energy requirements. Following two (2) decades of research and experiments, Elxis' team has been able to exploit electromagnetic waves, color spectrum and infrared technology, producing energy via induction. Elxis' product is based mainly on led technology, which can produce energy through an innovative method using different alternative energy resources than the ones we are used to. This energy production method is unique and patented by Elxis, having its patent officially registered and certified in the European Union.
    Elxis has also created an ecosystem which aims to interconnect with the product via blockchain technology. Subsequently, Elxis Token (LEX) was created, not only to be used as a public investment tool for purposes such as the Elxis marketing, but also to support Elxis ecosystem and provide Ethereum developers the ability to create energy-focused applications to interact with Elxis hardware for home and business usage.
    The total number of tokens in circulation is thirteen million (13,000,000). In addition there will be a funding portfolio of two million LEX (2,000,000) covering the immediate needs of the project that may arise. Three million (3,000,000) LEX will be available for the pre-sale procedure. The pre-sale process will take place in three (3) stages. Each will take place on a respective twenty-day period, beginning in September 2019.

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    Internet advertising is one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors of our time.
    The Encores Browser makes it possible for the first time in history to advertise on every single website in the world! You can receive Encores Token for your everyday surfing. It is also possible to benefit from the success of the whole Encores ecosystem with our ETH Reward distributions for every single Encores Token.

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  32. #MANINGI mines aim to be the leading mining operation in Africa and abroad. The startup has
    already 6 mining opportunities located in Africa and abroad. The #mining will entail the following: #Gold, #copper, #diamond, #manganese, #coal, and a#nthracite. MANINGI means plenty in Shona language, South Africa. The name is meant to elicit the feeling of plentiful in our mines that are able to sustain #investors’ interest as well as help the community.

    Our company is rooted in the strong belief of uplifting the livelihoods of people.

    We are proud to be the first crypto currency based on real world business.

    The slogan for MANINGI mines is ‘Creating jobs one coin at a time’.

    The locations will be prime locations that have high deposits potential.In Africa, South Africa is one of the world’s leading locations for precious metals. Some of MANINGI mines will be located in South Africa. Since the discovery of minerals and precious metals in the 1800s, the country has continued to benefit and grow economically contributing about 20% of the country’s GDP. The country’s reserves are estimated to be worth $2.5 trillion.

    Our ICO was created to help us reach our goal of starting these mines, thus helping the underserved communities in Africa by creating much needed jobs. We have also undertaken to build a orphanage in each location of the mines to help the children of that community with shelter and sustenance.

    By partaking in our ICO your support will definitely "create jobs one coin at a time".

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  42. RideNodes™ are a virtual currency & smart
    contract apparatus that aims to realign the
    interests of Drivers, Riders, & Service Coordinators (collectively referred to as our network participants) who already utilize ridehailing services (such as Uber, Lyft, Via and
    even traditional taxi & limousine companies).
    By leveraging the blockchain, RideNodes™
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    incident responses, and a special emphasis
    on the safety and the security of BOTH the
    riders and drivers.
    Within short period of time, RideNodes™ will serve in the nexus of the security, ride and transportation sectors
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